Friday, January 15, 2010

Yellow Springs jet noise covered in Dutch newspaper

This from a reader:

The attached article (in the Dutch newspaper de Telegraaf) is a result in part of Harvey Paige's concerted efforts to get the Dutch to pay attention to their import of noise pollution to our area. (Harvey can tell you more.)

Its translation is as follows (click on image to enlarge):

The headline states: "Ohio homeowners are going crazy from the noise of F-16's exercises which is sparing the Leeuwarden public."

Amsterdam, Thursday: Homeowners from the city of Yellow Springs Ohio are driven insane from the unbearable noise caused by the Dutch F-16's Fighter Jets.

From the Dutch bases in Volkel and Leeuwarden comes fighter jets performing their exercises above the state of Ohio for the past six months. The Dutch Royal Air Force is paying $135 million Euros to use the air base facilities in Springfield Ohio in order to spare their country the overhead noise. The Defense is using the American bases to train the Dutch pilots and new fighter jets to be used in Afghanistan. The authorities are not involved in the exact nature of the training.

The surrounding homeowners have had it with the noise. Spokes person Harvey Paige representing the neighborhoods states that the homeowners are losing tremendous value of their homes. "When the new Joint Strike Fighter Jets come, they will be even noisier than the F-16's."

The American homeowners are perplexed why they have to live with and be exposed daily to the overhead noise, instead of those living in Leeuwarden and Volkel.

A complaint was presented to the Netherlands Ambassador in Washington DC. who declared that the complaint has come to the wrong address. " It should be presented to the local authorities," ReneeJones-Bos ambassador stated.

The American authorities are very sparing with the proper information. It appears the homeowners have no say in any Defense contracts affecting their land, all this information is clouded in secrecy, and has no transparency.

Spokesman Col. Frank van Wieren of the Royal Dutch Air Force stated that they are operating under American rules and regulations and are conscious of the environment just like in the Netherlands.

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Unknown said...

I love the second to last paragraph. It seems tailor-made to promote sympathy for our plight. I'd love to know the response of the Dutch populace.