Monday, January 25, 2010

Bench to Nowhere: Weighing in on the bloodless coup

A Cool Town Toon


Yvonne Wingard said...

I am assuming this is in response to the front page article in the YS News. Pretty telling, wasn't it, about the politics of our village. "Well, if you won't play MY game, I won't play yours!" How silly can we get, when we have such important decisions at stake? And for those who think the article might be wrong, or that this is a one time thing, NO. This is how our School Board HAS been operating. As a former staff member who lost their job over such politics, I'm GLAD to see it in print where EVERYONE can see how PETTY things get. Our new SB members are TRYING to get things going the right way and are bringing in experience from OUTSIDE the village and are being treated like CHILDREN. Well, it's the other SB members who are acting that way, in my opinion. And I'll give my name; I've already had my career ruined by their politics.

Anonymous said...

I dont think the two you speak of are any better. It seems that in local politics of late, public service is not for the public.It seems the furtherment of group agendas or self-promotion has become the vouge.