Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Registration for Glen Helen Summer Ecocamp is open

This from the Glen:

Winter solstice has passed. The days are growing longer and the nights are growing shorter as the northern hemisphere gradually tilts towards the sun. To adults this holds the promise of warm summer weather and extended daylight hours, but for children, not only is there promise of warmth and light, but there is also...(drum roll) GLEN HELEN ECOCAMP!

Yes, summer ECOCAMP is open for registration!

Glen Helen Ecocamp is summer fun for kids ages 5-15! Children live at the Glen Helen Outdoor Education Center for one week, where they explore, discover, play, and learn in the forest. Glen Helen offer camps that cover a variety of interests. From fossils to stars to birds to bugs, there is something for every kid!

Exciting new camps are offered this summer: Frog Camp, Fossil Hunters, and Wilderness Adventurer Camp. We have also made the addition of a second Raptor Camp, an all-time favorite for 11-13 year-olds.

Visit for on-line registration and to learn about all camps offered in 2010.

Beth Krisko
Glen Helen Outdoor Education Center
1075 St. Rt. 343
Yellow Springs, OH 45387

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