Monday, January 11, 2010

Soliciting reader reviews of YS Library materials

The Blog is now soliciting reader reviews of materials available at or through the Yellow Springs Library. This idea comes from three places: (1) I am on the board of the Yellow Springs Library Association and am happy to do whatever I can to promote our library; (2) One of my faithful readers, and a regular collaborator on blog matters, recently suggested it; and (3) Yesterday, during the live blogcast from the Emporium, we ended up doing a totally spontaneous video review of a current movie that further enamored me of the idea.

[I asked Jeff if he would be okay with a video interview. He asked what we would talk about about. I said, I don't know, anything you like. He asked if he could do a movie review. I said, sure, what movie - see anything good, lately? He thought for a second and came up with "Avatar." I turned on the camera and we were rolling.]

In addition to reviews, all kinds of reader submitted materials will be considered for posting on the blog. Our "Day Tripping" submissions have be especially popular. Send me your stuff by email.

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