Tuesday, May 17, 2011

YS oldest population in Dayton area

According to the Dayton Daily News in an article yesterday, Yellow springs, at 48.5 years, has the oldest population in the greater Dayton region. (Nice photo of Leon Holster at the Emporium.)

Dayton Daily News: Median age rises throughout Ohio, Dayton region


Kay Reimers said...

There are no jobs in Yellow Springs. My son graduated high school last year. He wants to work and stay in Yellow Springs but after a year of nothing to do, he's moving on.

Mek Logan said...

Kay, what you say is indeed far too true, though a few opportunities are in the air.

However, I am one of a growing number of "virtual workers" -- I live right here in YS, but by using the internet, I actually work for a company out of state (as a web programmer); we just hired another remote programmer down in Texas, and if your son gets good at programming using the ColdFusion web language, we'd be happy to hire him, too! :*)

There are many other "virtual employers", of course -- with the right skill set, you can literally work from anywhere in the world: I chose Yellow Springs in part because I grew up here, but mostly because it is a great little town; I got tired of living in a big city, and it's nice having my income and property taxes pay for good schools and services!

The world is hungry for programmers; I'm not sure why, but few schools teach kids programming (something I thought for sure would be happening as the internet gained public awareness); I think it's essential to have early exposure to it in order to have the kind of "feel" for it the best programmers do.

Of course, you don't *have* to be a programmer to work remotely -- there are a number of websites devoted to remote work (there are scams like "home medical billing", too, so watch out; never pay money to be "allowed" to work!); I know a couple of people at ClickWorker, and it seems legit (find out more at http://www.clickworker.com/en/clickworkerjob/ -- there are *lots* of jobs that can be done from anywhere there's an internet connection!)