Friday, May 20, 2011

At the Herndon

Just a reminder that this Saturday (May 21) at the Antioch's Herndon Gallery we will be having an artist's reception for the amazing John Sims, in honor of the opening of his new multimedia and multi-artist show, 'Rhythm of Structure: Mathematics, Art and Poetic Reflection." The reception is from 6-9. Come check out the show and meet the artist! And please pass this along to any other contemporary art lovers...

For more information contact anne bohlen 937-286-8455 or jean gregorek 937-286-5934.

Here is how John was described by the artzine "Bomb":

John Sims is a conceptual artist who is creating a catalogue of projects spanning the mathematical art to the socio-political. In the fall of 2008, he completed Square Roots: A Quilted Manifesto for exhibition at the Wilmer Jennings Gallery, Kenkeleba House in New York. This project presented a collection of 13 quilts done in collaboration with Amish quilters that focused on the visual manifestation of Pi and the Pythagorean mathematics. The project also included his video installation by his alter ego Johannes Curtis Schwarzenstein, an AfroGermanJewish MathArtPoet and the music blues composition based on Pi. His political project Recoloration Proclamation started with re-coloring the Confederate flag to shift its paradigms surrounding white supremacy, leading to the controversial piece, "The Proper Way to Hang a Confederate Flag," the various remixing of "Dixie," and to the recoloring of other flags from other countries.

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