Friday, May 20, 2011

Help needed for Mills Lawn Morning News

Every school day the students at Mills Lawn put on a great morning news program that is broadcast throughout the building. They talk about the lunch menu, special events, weather, and highlight student poems, stories and artwork. It is cuteness squared -- guaranteed to start your day with a smile.

Yellow Springs Public Access Television (Ch. 5) has shown these programs live and will be showing them again when school is back in session in the fall. The programs will also be re-broadcast at supper time so that parents can watch them, too.

Channel 5 could use some help processing these programs. For anyone interested, please contact Paul Abendroth at 767-1678.

Mills Lawn is also requesting help with the production. The program needs adult help coaching the children. The technical details for broadcasting the program have already been worked out. If you'd like to volunteer your time for this very fun and worthy endeavor, please contact Wendy Shelton at Mills Lawn School at 767-7217 or e-mail her at

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