Sunday, May 8, 2011

The Backyard Flock: Chickens on my mind

A couple things have happened this week that have gotten me to thinking about my flock again, despite my numerous distractions.

A couple days ago, I found a large envelope inside my storm door. In it was a photo copy of a piece by E.B. White titled "The Hen." It was left with a note from Jerry Buck. It was written in 1944 as the preface to a book about raising chickens and later published in a collection of White's short pieces. Of course it was funny and entertaining and contained some Twain-like words of wisdom on the subject of small flocks that I consider to be words-to-live-by for keepers of backyard flocks. Thanks, Jerry.

Today, I found a Facebook message from Libby Rudolf steering me to photos of her latest acquisition of eleven chicks of various breeds. They are tiny and cute and got me to looking forward to the next time I restock my flock, which will probably be next spring. Thanks, Libby.

So, I started thinking about some of my YouTube videos of my own chickens and took a new look at my personal favorite, one of me removing eggs from under a broody bantam that now has 777 hits, the most of any of my videos. I had posted it here once before and today I am posting it again, just because it tickles me every time I look at it.


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