Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Are we protected?

We've got green space; we've got affordable housing; we are soon to get solar panels. What ain't we got as a string of tornadoes is bearing down on us from the west? We ain't got two of our three tornado sirens, according to a report on WHIO-TV Channel 7 this evening.

Channel 7 is reporting that the sirens in Yellow Springs are in need of repair and they have not worked for months, failing again on Monday night to alert residents to a tornado warning.

WHIO-TV: 2 Tornado Sirens Failed To Sound In Yellow Springs


Unknown said...

I noticed that this evening. My children could hear the distant siren, but the one one our very street is silent. I heard the police siren, but didn't know what the strange "beep-beep" pattern meant. I wandered onto the street to ask the officer when he drove by, which is when I heard the bull-horn announcement.

Anonymous said...

The Yellow Springs News had a story about the sirens not working on April 10 that said they'd be fixed by the end of April. It said, "....It’s an especially bad idea for villagers inside buildings to depend on Yellow Springs sirens to alert them since two of the Village’s three sirens will not be doing their job this spring, at least during April. While all three sirens are operational, this month only the siren in Bill Duncan Park on the west side of the village will sound a warning, according to Cundiff. The other two sirens — the ones in Kieth’s Alley and on Allen Street — are malfunctioning when the Village police dispatcher tries to connect to them to activate the sirens, so in effect they aren’t working. The problem was discovered last fall during a tornado warning when those in the south end of town alerted police that the Allen Street siren did not go off. At that point, the Village checked all three sirens, found the problem and issued a purchase order to fix it. However, the purchase order somehow did not get filled and the problem remains, a situation that just became clear in recent weeks, according to Cundiff, who said he’s trying to find out why the repairs were not made.
The Kieth’s Alley and Allen Street sirens appear to both need a new circuit board, a repair that takes about three weeks, according to Cundiff, who said the sirens should work after that time."