Friday, June 10, 2011

Lock your car doors

There's been a rash of car burglaries around town lately. I first heard about it when my neighbor told me that a number of cars had been entered on Woodrow, which is right behind our yard, on Wednesday night.

"Check your cars," she said.

I told her I would, but was pretty sure I didn't have a problem. We always lock our cars, they all have alarms, there is a security light in the driveway and we have a dog that barks at anything that comes within 100 feet of our house.

As soon as I got in the car to go out later that morning, I knew something was wrong. The cigarette lighter was on the console along with a car wash token from Jeff Wyler. The ash tray where we keep loose change was empty and there was a bunch of stuff on the front passenger seat. As far as I could tell, all that was taken was the change, about three dollars, mostly in quarters. When I went to open the trunk, I found another car wash token on the trunk lid. Nothing had been disturbed in the trunk.

None of our other two cars had been touched, as they had been locked. It seems that in the process of juggling groceries and an energetic pup, I had failed to lock mine.

When I called it in to the police, I was told by the dispatcher that not only had Woodrow been hit, but these thefts had occurred all over town. Apparently all that was ever taken was loose change. I told the officer who called returned my call that I didn't want to file a report; I just thought they ought to know about it. He said they were being vigilant and expected to catch the culprit.

Better lock your doors, folks. Along with the situation where someone has been removing the work of our local yarn bombers and the incident where flares were taken from the school bus barn, one of which was thrown lit into someone's house, it seems like we're having a crime wave.


Melody Kingsley said...

We had a GPS stolen from my hubby's car. It was sometime last year. He never locks his car. A week or so later, they came back and got the charger for the GPS! Oh well, I guess it's time to lock the doors!

Anonymous said...

The drama of the flare and bus barn theft was one stupidly behaving kid and several with him, including some that left between the bus and the house. A teen's prank (actually a pair of them, stealing flares then tossing it in his old coaches house) gone wrong. Fortunately without the dire consequences that could have occurred. A really, really stupid thing to do but not actually a crime wave like the burglaries. Not to minimize the potential outcome of the second prank, but the story has naturally turned into much more than it was. Some of the kids with the flaming idiot left before he went to the house to toss it in, but they get tarred with the public guilt too. Hanging around on a summer night after school is out for too long with a troublemaker is a bad choice, but not as bad as tossing a lit flare in a house. Unfortunately, the judicial system can see it the same for all present, even those that left early.