Monday, March 28, 2011

Godzilla in YS

Yikes! This comic book store looks familiar.

Super-Fly Comics is bringing the King of the Monsters to Yellow Springs with its very own, smashing cover. Super-Fly Comics’ cover is one of just over one-hundred available throughout North America, celebrating the dramatic return of Godzilla to comics. Click here for more. Click on image to enlarge.


Les Groby said...

Isn't it kind of insensitive to be rolling out Godzilla right now?

Super-Fly Comics & Games said...

Actually, the Godzilla book has been in production for months now. Much longer then the Japan situation. And IDW is donating a portion of the money from the Godzilla book to the Japanese relief effort.

It would be a sadder day if we stopped doing anything related to any tragedy in the name of knee jerking political correctness.