Thursday, March 3, 2011

Experience Wellness Weekend, March 18-20

Carole Braun (L), of the Yellow Springs Arts Council, and Monica Hasek, co-owner of Yoga Springs Studio, have struck a great balance as partners coordinating this month's "Yellow Springs Experience Wellness" weekend. From yoga to astrology to sexual health, there's something for everyone, including bodywork, new gallery exhibit, raffle, keynote dinner and more. Details and pre-registration available at

Info on Spring Wellness Workshop Tracks

Immerse yourself in a Yellow Springs weekend devoted entirely to wellness March 18-20. Choose one of five workshop tracks guided by professional practitioners. (Day and weekend passes available, plus exhibitions, entertainment and a gala dinner/keynote event).

Track 1: Mind and Body...focuses on yoga, art and meditation to increase the connection between mind, body and spirit, rendering all three stronger and more unified.

Track 2: Especially for Women...addresses the power differential and other special physical and emotional aspects for women in a supportive and creative atmosphere.

Track 3: Renewal...for those dealing with aging or compromised immune systems, we'll focus on moving forward and being as healthy as possible.

Track 4: Exploration...for those who are boldly interested in experimenting with new treatments, therapies and states of body and mind.

Track 5: Yoga Immersion...a series of yoga classes designed to ready body and mind for spring, with emphasis on the immune system and care of the whole body, as well as celebration and music.

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