Saturday, March 5, 2011

DVD Release Party, March 11

Super-Fly Comics Presents "The Walking Dead" DVD Release Party

On Friday, March 11, Super-Fly Comics & Games will be hosting release party for "The Walking Dead" DVD/Blu-Ray release at their Yellow Springs location. The event will begin at 9pm on Friday, March 11. There will be food, entertainment and raffle prizes for "The Walking Dead" DVDs and more. Those who are interested in attending dressed as zombies will receive two raffle tickets for the price of one.

The Walking Dead is a monthly black-and-white American comic book series published by Image Comics beginning in 2003 and follows the lives of individuals in a post-apocalyptic zombie invasion. In October of 2010, AMC released its show of the same name based on the comic to much critical and public acclaim. The Walking Dead has been nominated for Best New Series for the 2011 Writers Guild of America Awards and it was also nominated for Best Television Series Drama at the 68th Golden Globe Awards.

The event on March 11 is a free event that is open to the public. Parents are cautioned about bringing their children due to the horror content of the comic and show.

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