Saturday, October 9, 2010

Crunch goes the environment

You probably heard about the eco-friendly Sun Chips bag that made big news a few months back – they’re now being discontinued. According to many Sun Chips customers, the bags are just way too noisy.

Too noisy for what? I’m having a hard time understanding this one. Can’t hear the ball game, might wake the kids, scares the dog or maybe those bags meant an end to late-night stealth snacking.

It’s not like we live in a cone of silence. Seems like half the population is wearing ear buds, public places are where we have to listen to private conversations, we’re frequently victims of drive-by car stereos and, have you been to a live performance of anything lately? We’re raising a generation of young folks who are going to need hearing aids before they’re 40 years old and yet we can’t stand the crunch of a biodegradable bag.

If you think about packaging materials on most consumer products, you soon realize how much of it has to be recycled or hauled to a landfill. A few days ago I bought a new cell phone and once again, couldn’t believe the packaging. I guess those packages aren’t noisy enough to warrant concern as long as they quietly make their way to the dump.

At least the Sun Chip folks (Pepsi) gave it a try but I’m disappointed they folded under the pressure to build a quieter mousetrap. It does remind me that as a consumer, I need to make better product choices if things are going to change.

A. Reader


Yvonne said...

The bag WAS noisy, but not in a way that caused any trouble! I was willing to buy it to make a change and I AM disappointed that they caved in; we're not talking something dangerous or harmful...just a little irritating. Come on folks!

Pancake Goddess said...

shockingly noisy, but obviously worth it