Sunday, October 17, 2010

Two workshops starting at Nonstop this week

Workshop – STUFF!!!! (WATER)—A WORKSHOP FOR THE SENSES – with Michael Casselli

Sculptor and mixed media artist Michael Casselli presents a workshop in STUFF! mixing elements of a visual arts workshop with a playful investigation into ideas and observations about the nature of WATER. Each participant will develop a project around the element water, and workshop time will be spent talking about this subject and learning techniques that will allow us to manipulate and shape this complex and versatile material.

* Dates: 6-weeks (Mondays & Saturdays) STARTS OCT 18
* Place:Nonstop and Michael Casselli’s studio (also at Millworks)


Workshop – OTHER PEOPLE’S LIVES: MEMOIRS & PERSONAL ESSAYS – with Roxandra Antoniadis

Why (pace Nabokov) "speak memory"? This reading and discussion group will focus on works relating to food, travel, the mind, and war. The tone of the selections is varied, ranging from the hilarious to the somber. Discussions will center on the individual style of the authors and how the writer’s intent is conveyed.

* Dates: 5-weeks (Mondays), STARTS OCT 18
* Place: Nonstop

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