Monday, October 25, 2010

Anatomy of a sculpture

By Susan Gartner

For the past year, I've been following Beth Holyoke's labor-intensive process creating the beautiful tiled mosaic sculpture for our village. Beth was one of three winners of "The 2009 Spirit of Creativity in Yellow Springs" Outdoor Sculpture Contest. In the summer of 2009, I just happened to pass by as the foundation was being built and decided to chronicle the event. Every few weeks -- sometimes several times a week -- Beth would call to tell me what stage she was at and I'd grab my camera and go out and get some footage. Sometimes she'd have her assistants with her: husband Andy or friend Kaethi Seidl.

The video will be helpful to Beth when she is applying for future public sculptures but I particularly enjoyed being allowed behind-the-scenes so I can appreciate the massive amount of work and creativity that goes into her creations. If you only see the sculpture in its finished form, it's hard to fully understand just how it came to be.

Best wishes, Beth, on all your future endeavors and thanks to you, Andy, and Kaethi for all the work you did to make such a unique and beautiful village showcase.


Laura Carlson said...

Wow! This is a such a great record of this project. Thank you, Susan and Beth, for doing this.

Joanne Caputo said...

Beautiful! Beautiful!

Susan Gartner said...

Glad you liked it, Laura!

alban said...

yeah, my mom is awesome. I've known it all along