Wednesday, October 13, 2010

The next Antioch College President?

Mark Roosevelt meets the public

Mark Roosevelt, the sole surviving candidate of the Antioch College presidential search process, participated in a public forum at the Herndon Gallery on the Antioch College campus this afternoon. The Antioch College Board of Trustees Pro Tem will vote on him later in the week.

Much the politician, great-grandson of Theodore Roosevelt, former Massachusetts legislator and one-time candidate for Massachusetts Governor (losing by the most lopsided margin in state history), deftly sidesteped questions from former tenured Antioch College faculty about whether they would be hired back by the newly resurrected college if he gets the job. He did say, however, that the hiring of faculty in the first two years was extremely important as it would define the college for years to come.

In his opening statement, Roosevelt said that he is committed to excellence and a rigorous educational process and, in his opinion, the toughest job ahead is to define the new Antioch, while maintaining a sense of the college's history. He also said that one of the things that attracted him to the job is the village and the prospect of being a part of the Yellow Springs community. Roosevelt recently resigned after five years as Superintendent of the Pittsburgh Schools.

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