Monday, October 25, 2010

Thrill Yellow Springs at Bryan Center

By Susan Gartner

Photo by Tom Osborne

This year's "Thrill The World" event, sponsored by Yellow Springs Dance, was held at the John Bryan Community Center on Saturday evening. Event coordinators and "Thriller" dance sequence leaders Ali Thomas and Jade Turner led an enthusiastic group of zombies of all ages through the series of complex dance steps.

"Thrill The World" has become an annual worldwide simultaneous dance event that is attempting to break the world's record and be listed in the Guiness Book of World Records. As the event gains in popularity with participants all over the world, it also grows in rules and regulations such as who can be on the dance floor during the official dance and what constitutes an official video. As someone who has participated now two years in a row, I can say that there is something very thrilling and community-building about dancing this crazy dance sequence with a roomful of strangers and neighbors. It's just not something you do every day and that alone makes it fun and memorable -- whether we break any records or not.

For something so cute and ultimately so brief (it's a 7-minute dance sequence), there are a surprising number of details and tasks involved. Thanks to event coordinators Ali, Jade, and Melissa Heston; to Charlotte Walkey for her dance instruction at the rehearsals; to Vanessa Query for being the official videographer; and to my partner, Tom Osborne, for taking pictures so I could concentrate on the routine!

According to Melissa Heston, a repeat of the dance will be performed on Saturday, Oct. 30, in front of Dino's Cappuccinos. All are welcome. Be there at 9:30 p.m. Contact Melissa at for more info.

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