Sunday, June 21, 2009

Yellow Springs Outdoor Sculpture Competition Winners Announced

The winners of the 2009 Yellow Springs Outdoor Sculpture Competition were selected on June 19, by a panel of four judges. The judges were Lisa Goldberg, a potter and a founding member of Yellow Springs Artist Studio Tour; Tom Hawley, a sculptor, woodworker and architectural designer; Jason Morgan, a muralist and portrait painter; and Kim Megginson, a gallery owner and potter from Centerville.

Contest guidelines stated that “each sculpture should celebrate the spirit of creativity of Yellow Springs.” Twelve artists submitted proposals for the contest, and the blind panel of judges reviewed the entries not knowing the identity of the artists.

Three works have been chosen, and the artists submitting those proposals are Migiwa Orimo (Yellow Springs), winning the $2,000 award, and Beth Holyoke (Yellow Springs) and Olga Ziemska (Cleveland), each winning a $4,000 award.

Competition coordinator Laura Carlson noted that “the variety of media among the submissions was very impressive – ceramics, wood, stone, metal, fabric, found and repurposed objects, plants, and sound and light were all represented. The works chosen will be wonderful additions to the public art of Yellow Springs.”

Sites for the three sculptures will be finalized in cooperation with the Village of Yellow Springs, with the assistance of Ed Amrhein.

The Yellow Springs Arts Council, the Yellow Springs Center for the Arts Steering Committee, and the Community Information Project partnered to sponsor the competition. The sculptures will be installed by early October 2009.

Laura Carlson
Project Coordinator
Yellow Springs Center for the Arts Steering Committee

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