Friday, August 24, 2012

Super-Fly 5th Anniversary Party

And FREE Nerdcore Rap Show

On August 31st 2012, Super-Fly Comics & Games will be celebrating its 5th anniversary with an all-day sale of 50% off everything (that’s 10% for every year we’ve been open) and a nerdcore rap show featuring the musical stylings of Adam Warrock and Mikal kHill starting at about 9:00PM

 We opened our store in 2007, splintering off from a comic/used book store and since then have faced some quite unexpected trials.  With the credit and housing bubble collapses of 2010, any fledgling business found themselves tasked with no small feat – survival.  But with hard work, sweat, grit, and perseverance, we’ve pulled through.  That we’re still open in these times is a testament to both the strength of our market and to the quality of our staff.  We’re quite proud of what we do here – of the work we do to legitimize this under-acknowledged field – and we’re quite proud of where its gotten us.” said Anthony Barry, Owner of Super-Fly Comics & Games. 
"Characters from comic book culture are becoming more and more mainstream; the advent of the mega-blockbuster superhero movie has exponentially increased our visibility,” adds Jared Whittaker, Manager.  “But, as much as mainstream movies and other media have brought attention to our industry – there are still quite a few people out there who’ve yet to learn just how inclusive comics can be.  We strive to break away from the boys-clubhouse/capes-and-tights preconceptions that are endemic in popular media representations of our culture.  Super-Fly Comics & Games works hard to provide something for everybody – and we’ve successfully done so for five years.  We really wanted to do something special this year.  If you’re a long-time supporter, this is our chance to celebrate you; if you’re a first-timer, this is a fantastic chance for us to welcome you.”
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The sale kicks off at regular opening hours - 11AM and runs all day through the end of the concert at about 11PM at Super-Fly Comics & Games, 132 Dayton Street, Yellow Springs, OH.   Call 937-767-1445 for more information.

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