Monday, August 29, 2011

YSKP fall offerings for youth and adults

The YSKP Fall schedule of classes includes new offerings for children, youth, teens and adults. Kindermusic, for ages 0 – 3 provides music, stories, songs and movement activities to support every aspect of the developing child. The curriculum includes age appropriate materials for parents to take home and do with their children throughout the week. Kindermusic is taught by instructor Jill Becker who will also teach classes in creative movement for children 3 – 5.

Club Glee, a singing class with Sally Dennis, develops and refines vocal technique through group and individual study and performance of classic and contemporary Broadway songs. Club Glee is for students in junior and high school who are eligible to receive credit for the taking the class through the McKinney and YSHS Open Credit policy. Teens can also take and receive credit for a new dance class in Modern Jazz Blues and Contact Improvisation.

For adults, Mimes, Masks and Miracles is a new class, taught by John Fleming, that explores comedy and comic improvisation. Adults can also join the popular Ballroom Dance course that will continue this fall. Contact Improvisation with Tricia Gelmini, is a dance form that plays with sensitive, fluid weight sharing between partners. Jill Becker will teach The Fluid Core, deep, gentle exercises that dancers use to stretch and strengthen the body.

In addition to these new courses, ongoing classes in Ballet and Hip Hop dance are being offered. And for young actors the New Actors Club is a course for grades 4 – 6 that will culminate in participation in the YSKP’s biannual holiday show, The Bremen Town Musicians.

Information and a detailed schedule about all YSKP classes can be found at or by calling 767-7800. Pre-registration for all classes is critical as each course has a required minimum participant base. Classes that don’t meet the necessary registration will be cancelled 5 days prior to beginning.

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