Wednesday, August 17, 2011

New mural comes to life in Kieth's Alley

A new mural is being worked on behind The Emporium in Kieth's Alley. Artists are Vesh (pictured) and Rac.

Photo by Susan Gartner

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Anonymous said...

I gota wonder about this slanderous cartoon. I'm a native to this town class of 96' and put up with a lot of negativity from so called townie's, whom most of them are from any where else but here. it's rather curious that so many people have such strong miss guided feelings towards "graff art" all the sudden and any form of music that involve's electricity and or originality. i would like to say i except more from this town.But any more i don't. what a bunch of closed minded ungrateful pseudo hippies. we spend time effort money and years perfecting OUR ART and bring it to you for free.So sorry we do like 1 or 2 walls in this burg a year and for your info SOME people enjoy it.Ya know i think this town needs less art critics and more glory hole's.maybe then you can find something better to do with your time! Oh & next time you wanna diss a unfinished wall leave your name! RAC1, REIGN OF TERROR PREPARE FOR EXTINCTION