Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Yelloween Scarecrow Project

From Bob Swaney--The Yelloween Scarecrow Project is the brainchild of Cathy Christian from Ye Olde Trail Tavern that she presented to Mindy Harney and me last summer. Unfortunately we couldn’t make it happen then but we hope to make it happen in 2011.

The concept is to create a Scarecrow that will be installed in the flagpole holes in the sidewalk during the Yelloween season. The project is open to anyone; businesses, artists, crafters, students, non-profits. Businesses and non-profits can sponsor an “artist” to create a Scarecrow to depict their business or organization or individuals can simply do one themselves.

The Scarecrow creator will receive the structural elements and then gets to be creative in designing their Scarecrow. They will go up in mid-October and remain through Yelloween. The Yelloween Scarecrow Project is a unique Yellow Springs project that shows our creativity and brings with it the opportunity for regional and national press.

If your business wishes to sponsor a Scarecrow or if you wish to create a Scarecrow:

I will provide the structure (a post and cross-member) on which the sculpture will be built at cost (under $25). All other supplies will be provided by the creator or sponsor. You can be your own Scarecrow artist or find a community member to create your Scarecrow. We will be putting out a call to artists also so there will be a list of interested creators. If you don't have a flagpole hole in front of your business, the Village will put one in or we can come up with another way to display. Display it front of your location from October 14 through November 1.

The Yelloween Scarecrow Project is already on track for Dayton Street with Mindy of Brother Bear’s and me coordinating. Cathy and Sarah from the Trail have agreed to coordinate participation on Xenia Avenue. If your business wishes to participate please email I will pass your information on to them or Mindy. Thanks for considering this fun new project for Yellow Springs.

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