Monday, August 22, 2011

Bench to Nowhere: School Daze

An Education Village Toon


vesh said...

graffiti is the largest art movement, per capita, in history. consider it a medium. we express our thoughts and feelings through hand style, or penmanship, and imagry. spraypaint does NOT CONTAIN CFC's, which are harmful chemicals that have not been in spraypint for 25 years plus. i don't mind a poke, but that is misinformation, and uneducated opinion. skills, spelled skillz, means that's the final word in skill(z is the last letter...think about it). if you want to make a difference, don't slander people who make a difference, or who do elaborate deco on walls, trees, landscapes,ect. we inspire minds. you could do the same, reed, by focusing on the negative things which are overlooked, and would be beneficial to change.

Anonymous said...

About the z on the end of "skillz" - I thought about it ... and it still doesn't make any sense.

vesh said...

the raven is a metaphor to edgar allen poe, like skillz are a metaphor to hip hop slang. if you have skillz, you are "of the best". z is the last letter, the end, and having skillz means you among the most skilled,the end-all-be-all of style. i noticed the sarcasm, shown by your punctuation...let's not make "open minded" a sarcastic description of an artistic community such as yellow springs. this whole "bench to nowhere" is attacking the towns future. if that's how they're viewed, they will only have ammunition for the future,to leave on a permanent vacation from town, when there is no yellow springs, but a string of bars and clubs next to another college to reformed to fuel our capitalistic society. why not just make all art illegal? metaphor problem solved.