Thursday, August 25, 2011

Trailer Talk with Sabrina Artel

Friday, Sept. 2, 4-8pm and Saturday, Sept. 3, 10-Noon
A Nonstop event, occurring in a trailer in front of the Emporium

Please join Sabrina Artel at the kitchen table of her red and white camper parked in the center of Yellow Springs over Labor Day weekend. Speak with her and hear what others have to say about water, shale gas extraction, the environment and home. Work with her to come up with the 10 Commandments for Water and share the 3 Questions about water. Please check at the Nonstop website for an update on the streaming of this event (

Sabrina Artel’s Trailer Talk is a live performance, a community event and a recorded public conversation. Trailer Talk portable conversations explore how individuals come together in unique and productive ways. Trailer Talk investigates and constructs new ways of becoming and defining community. Artel, an actress, was inspired to do theater in non-traditional spaces after working with New York experimental director Reza Abdoh’s company. After moving to the Catskills Artel started working with community radio at WJFF, and then took her program on the road with Trailer Talk. She has recently received grants for her art and journalism work from the New York State Council on the Arts and the National Endowment for the Arts.

Trailer Talk’s Frack Talk Marcellus Shale Water Project is a combination of live events, sound pieces, radio broadcasts and an interactive website exploring the impact of natural gas drilling. It began in New York State where Sabrina lives on the shale and is expanding to include our stories across the country. With the Frack Talk Project Sabrina is capturing the emerging experiences of home that can quickly be lost as the drilling expands throughout the country. The Frack Talk Shale Project hopes to further discourse during this critical time in our neighborhoods. Guests have been joining Sabrina at the kitchen table to give voice in on-going live public conversations about living on the Shale for the past three years and half years.

Sabrina Artel is the creator and host of Trailer Talk, stories from America’s kitchen table. It's a performance, a public conversation and a community event that happens in and around a 1965 BeeLine travel trailer. Her weekly radio show explores community engagement through conversations about culture, politics, the arts and the environment. She's also a regular contributor to Alternet. She lives on the Shale in the Catskills of Liberty, NY. To find out more about Trailer Talk please visit:

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