Sunday, August 21, 2011

Locally published art/humor zine

Seeking submissions from local artists
Available for purchase

The Kindlin' Quarterly is a seasonally-printed homegrown collection of humorous comics, art, stories, and amusements for mature readers. Our regular contributors range from professional artists to enthusiasts, seasoned vets to students, urbanites to rural rarities. We strongly encourage anyone who is interested to submit work for consideration for print in an upcoming issue.

-Image Format: Up to 5.5 x 8.5"/ 200-300 dpi/ JPEG, TIFF, PDF
Color or greyscale images welcome
-Prose Format: Word Document, PDF, or pasted into an email
-Submit anytime, but work received after the regular deadlines below will be considered for the next season's issue.
-Submission deadlines:
February 1 / May 1 / August 1 / November 1
Send work to
We will not print work that infringes copyright law or is politically-charged. Other than that, pretty much anything goes.

The magazine started humbly almost a year ago-with work by editor M Young, her husband, and her brother-but is rapidly growing. 44-page Issue 4 will be released in early September with submissions by 15 artists from all over the country.

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Copies are available at Super Fly and Dark Star, or Etsy: (sample pages are also available here).

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