Tuesday, July 5, 2011

The Mist

Stephen King came to mind last night after the fireworks, as low hanging smoke and fog melded into a mix that made it impossible to walk, bike or drive anywhere close to Gaunt Park. We were thinking about abandoning the car where we had parked it next to the band setup, but as soon as we set out on foot, I realized that walking would be just as hard and probably more dangerous. Finally, it lifted enough for us to merge into the line of cars departing from the parking lot, only to get caught up in traffic on South College. It was crazy. Where did all those people come from? It looked like most of them were headed for Springfield.

Next year, I'll leave right after the band is done playing and go home and watch from my deck.

Thanks to the Lions Club for another spectacular show.



Kay Reimers said...

Wasn't that amazing? Both the fireworks and the weather. The mist reminded us of an old zombie movie - people coming out of the darkness and smoke, surrounding our car only to disappear again back into the fog. "Dawn of the Living Springs?"

Kai said...

I'm glad to hear it may not have been locals who left all the trash on the park lawn.