Friday, July 1, 2011

Dance Piazza Saturday night

I am very excited to feature Karanvir "Ricky" Singh at this Saturday's Dance Piazza (July 2, 7 pm prompt) who will perform & teach Bhangra dance, a folk dance from the Punjabi region of India. Here is a clip from the Punjabi film of 2002, "Jee Ayan Nu" ("Welcome") - celebrating Punjabi folk culture for your song of the day...

Dance Piazza is located at Art Park, corner of Dayton and Corry Streets.

Event will be cancelled in case of severe thunderstorms but will carry on under shelter in case of light rain!

Judith "Juju" Wolert-Maldonado

More info: 937.430.2505 or

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Anonymous said...

That film seemed so cheesy & staged. Not at all the way I would think the culture was meant to be protrayed.

Anonymous said...

I loved it!