Sunday, August 15, 2010

10-Minute Play Festival Photos

Photos from Saturday afternoon's 10-Minute Play Festival: Compact Theater for the Easily Distracted. Performed at Soft Serve Playhouse aka Corner Cone.

Springfield's StageWorks president Larry Coressel and local playwright Kay Reimers were judges for the 10-Minute Play Fest along with Tony Dallas and Vanessa Query.

Director Lindsey Leist plays the title role in "Disgruntled Tiny Tim" while Mr. and Mrs. Cratchett, played by Skip Leeds and Amy Dobyns, try to cope with their petulant adolescent.

Ron Siemer, Jerry Buck, and Walter Rhodes share a laugh in Virgil Hervey's "Parking Spaces," a play about two old guys who explore life, death, and sex as they park cars on a slow day at the Greene County Fair.

Director Stephen Woosley and Jessi Biggert accidentally discover a shared love of fashion in "The Comfort of Cole Hans" by Henry Meyerson.

Photos by Susan Gartner

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