Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Women of YS beware!

Reports of a known sexual predator hanging around town and exhibiting odd behavior, including the stalking of women, have been circulating in emails and on Facebook since yesterday. The reports include mugshot style photographs of a man, his name and links to newspaper and law enforcement Websites. The Blog has no other information on this and cannot vouch for its truthfulness or accuracy.

If someone menaces or harasses you, quickly distance yourself from that individual and call the non-emergency number for the YSPD (767-7206), or, if you are close enough to do it with safety, go to the police dispatch desk at the Bryan Center. If you don't have a cell phone handy and cannot walk to the Bryan Center, step into a shop and ask the shopkeeper to call the police for you. Do not take action on your own.

You should keep the YSPD non-emergency number programmed in your cell phone. Be aware of your surroundings and the individuals near you. If someone harasses you, call the police. Here is the number: 937-767-7206. The non-emergency number will get faster results than 911, which has to go through Xenia dispatch.

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