Friday, March 12, 2010

Eagleson Exhibit to Open at Emporium Saturday

The Underdog Cafe, 233 Xenia Avenue in Yellow Springs, is hosting Village People, an exhibition of photographic images by Dennie Eagleson. The exhibition will run until the end of April. Eagleson, a long-time Yellow Springs resident, is a fine art and documentary photographer. The images are close portraits of current and former Village members, made over the past two decades and include some of Eagleson's more experimental work with plastic lens cameras, gel medium transfer, and Polaroid Transfer processes. The images are a celebration of the vitality of life in the Village, and a reminder of the expansive and voluptuous quality of summer light and tastes. The portraits demonstrate how, as members of a small village, we watch each other grow up. The public is invited to attend the artist's reception at the Cafe on Saturday, March 13th, from 5:00-7:00pm.

Eagleson exhibits her photographic work regionally and nationally. Her body of work includes projects made about alternative families in Ohio, a micro-loan program for Nicaraguan women, a music school in Sarajevo, and extensive work made in Cuba. Eagleson is a former faculty member at Antioch College. She continued to teach courses in photography and community journalism through the Nonstop Liberal Arts Institute. She is currently offering a series of workshops in Digital Photography through the Nonstop Institute. For more information, please call Dennie at 937-475-5618.

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Anonymous said...

I cannot understand why any self-respecting artist would show at the Emporium. The lighting is terrible, the background (field) wall color is inappropriate and unflattering and it's nearly impossible to get up close enough to see the work or read the descriptions in some parts of the space.
Eagleson's photography is fine quality. It deserves better.