Friday, November 12, 2010

Village faeries and the Snowflake Tree

By Susan Gartner

Last week, someone left an anonymous note in a new yarn-bombing project by local Jafagirls (“Just Another Flippin’ Artist”) Nancy Mellon and Corrine Bayraktaroglu. To those unfamiliar with Nancy and Corrine’s work, they have brought international attention to the village with their Knit Knot Tree and ChamberPot (“Loo with a View”) Gallery and were early instigators behind the Dayton Street Alliance and the effort to beautify and bring more traffic to Dayton and Corry Streets. The note-writer scolded the two art faeries for not using their energies and resources on something more appropriate such as knitting sweaters for homeless people. Corrine wrote about the incident on their Jafagirl blog:

Thankfully, Nancy and Corrine are undeterred and continue to plan and plot their next project.

I personally would like to acknowledge the efforts of these two village “elves” who devote themselves, tirelessly and voluntarily with no financial reimbursement, to making this town colorful and unique and for providing so many residents and visitors with unexpected treats around every corner. I am always looking forward to what they will come up with next. We are lucky to have them.

To the anonymous note-writer: Thank you. We are blessed, once again, with another inspired and inspirational piece of art.

Video by Susan Gartner


Yvonne said...

Their art is just as important as knitting for the brightens lots of lives who see it EVERY day. How can you NOT smile when you see one of their projects? No matter how tough things are at present, you've got some beauty, perhaps a little silliness or just some brightness to look at here on the streets of Yellow Springs and that IS important. You go, JafaGirls!!

Kay Reimers said...

Another silly conflict in the village. Art is for everyone! It is a good reminder that the food pantry at the Methodist church needs more food and cleaning supplies. The Presbyterian church is collecting kitchen supplies and linen for the homeless. Note taker, take note!

jafabrit said...

oh my, blush! I think I can safely speak for Nancy and myself in saying that we really appreciate the support and kind words. thank you ♥

kay, your comment couldn't be more timely. I have a a whole bunch of kitchen supplies from my daughters house. Will give the church a call.