Friday, November 5, 2010

Springers involved in NYC film-shoot

Yellow Springs/Dayton Film Crew to Shoot Yemin Orde Choir in New York

“Take Us Home” a documentary film about the Ethiopian Jews will be filming in New York City on Monday, Nov.8th.

The subject is the immigrant Youth Choir from Yemin Orde a Youth Village in Israel. In particular the crew will be capturing the final images of the journey of one remarkable teen named Worku.

Worku emigrated from Gondar, Ethiopia to Israel in 2008. He has been attending Yemin Orde which works with at-risk youths from many countries to make sure that they have an excellent chance of doing well in their new country.

The choir of 11 is on a brief tour of the US. They will be performing at Temple Israel, 115 East 75th Street at 7:30pm, Mon, Nov. 8th.

Producer/Director Aileen LeBlanc of Yellow Springs will travel with Director of Photography, Mike King, Sound Engineer, John Mays and Associate Producer, Beth Duke - all of Dayton.

The Senior Editor for Take Us Home is Wright State Film Professor, Jim Klein of Yellow springs.

The Levin Family Foundation has provided major funding for this film. Please visit

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