Monday, November 15, 2010

Springers affected by Clark County cutbacks

Part of bike path north of town closing on Nov. 18

It was widely reported in the local news media last week that budget shortfalls in Clark County are causing the closing of several county operated facilities, including parks and the Little Miami Scenic Trail, which runs through Yellow Springs and is a major tourist attraction for our area. The Clark County Park District can be contacted by email at

Dayton Daily News: County parks, bike paths to close indefinitely

WHIO-TV: Failed Levy Leads To Park Closures

Editors note: I sent the following email to the Park District:

Dear Clark County Parks Commissioners,

I am writing to express my disappointment with plans to close the Miami Scenic Trail in Clark County. While I understand that the failure of your recent levy has put the County in a difficult situation, I believe that closing the bike path will have a further negative financial impact not only on Clark County, but along its length from Xenia, through Yellow Springs and into Springfield, due to its value as a tourism resource. The word is already getting out to the cycling community (see I hope it is not too late to reverse this decision.

Thanks for your time and attention.

Virgil Hervey
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Anonymous said...

According to the article in the Dayton Daily News, they closed all the parks, but they kept the park district office open, and kept all their employees. And they wonder why people hate government ...

Anonymous said...

How much could it possible cost to keep the bike path in the winter? Nobody brushes snow off of it and no one gets rid of the ice! Nothing is growing.
Are they just trying to make some point?