Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Personal Advice Column

Dear Abby,

I just don’t understand what I did wrong. Over the past few months I made lots of new friends. They sent me daily e-mail telling me how important I was to them. They called several times a day leaving messages just for me and they sent “real” letters with personal notes. They said they understood me, that it was time for my voice to be heard and they wanted me to be part of their team.

I thought they liked me but now, I don’t hear from them – nothing. No calls, no e-mail and no more invitations to be their Facebook friend. What should I do?

Lonely in Yellow Springs

Dear Lonely,

Man up, suck it up, strap in, take aim, reload and get over it. Did you ever suspect they just wanted your vote? Duh. Abby

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Taki said...

Your experience is regrettable.

In contrast, mine has been exactly the opposite. As a relatively new resident, I received a very warm welcome and developed good friendships. For example, my neighbors welcomed me with open arms. I very much enjoy living in Yellow Springs. My partner feels the same also.

I am afraid that the advice of Abby, however, is sound in this case.