Thursday, November 4, 2010

Disaster at Channel 5

Valuable footage lost

Channel 5, Yellow Springs' Public Access television station, suffered a serious equipment failure earlier this week. All the programing for the week was lost including Monday night's Village Council meeting. We are in the process of fixing the equipment problems and will be able to reload most of the programs except the Council meeting. If anyone has taped the meeting we would like them to call us at 767-1678 or 767-2378.

Of course, a meeting that was really, really interesting had to be the one thing we didn't have a backup to. Thank you.

-Jean Payne

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Paul Abendroth said...

Working with the manufacturer service folks, it appears the problem lies with the external hard drive. Almost all program files and settings seem to be recoverable from it, but testing of the station controller continues. We are on the air working off a temporary hard drive.

About the council meeting; We always make a backup copy in the camera, but when I examined it yesterday it appeared to have no sound. One of our volunteers, "Superdave" was able to make a file with the sound and the meeting is on the air right now and the (part 1 and part 2) DVDs on the way to the library.