Sunday, November 7, 2010

Fall back day

Were you early for church this morning? I got up and checked my cellphone to confirm what I had heard on the television late last night, from a football announcer, no less: This morning at 2:00 was the official time to set our clocks back and reenter the Eastern Standard Time zone.

It seems awfully late this year, doesn't it? People kept asking when it was going to happen. They, like me, were getting darn tired of getting up in the dark. I checked back through old blog entries. Last year, it occurred on Halloween weekend. By the way, if you have any doubts, as I did, because I didn't hear it anywhere else except as a casual comment made by a play-by-play guy on the Stanford-Arizona broadcast last night, you can always check your cellphone or your computer. They reset themselves automatically.

Editor's note: The clock pictured above hangs on my living room wall. It's a bear to set, as you have to snake your hand up into it's innards to find the knob. It's usually a two-person job.

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