Monday, June 18, 2012

Lost dogs, possibly abandoned

No tags, no chips...

Last week, while driving north of the Dayton Mall, my wife and I discovered two dogs (picture attached) attempting to cross HWY 741. We pulled into a nearby car dealership and both of them walked up to us very excited to see us. While they looked like they had spent too much time in some fields and were in bad need of bathing, they were in pretty good shape. They had no tags and we got them scanned and found no microchips either. We have posted found ads at all of the shelters, in the Dayton Daily News, and Craig’s List and no one has come forward.> > Odds are that they were abandoned. They are good dogs, are house trained, and seem to be in good health. The small black and white one is a female while the medium sized one is male. They have been staying in my basement since the weekend.> > The two of them are good dogs and deserve a good home and a good family deserves them. Unfortunately, my wife and I aren’t in a situation in which we can keep these dogs. We barely have a yard and it’s not fenced in. We’re also never home. My wife has a vision disability which makes us a single driver family and we both work. I simply can’t sustain a schedule of trying to get to campus, home once in a while to walk them, and then also get my wife to and from work. > > I’m trying to get them into a shelter and avoid the Montgomery Country Shelter. So many of the non-kill shelters are packed. I’ve contacted dozens of rescue organizations, but also thought I would try the WSU faculty list-serve and see if anyone might be either interested in adding some fun 4-legged creatures to their family or if anyone worked with a rescue organization that might be able to help. Please feel free to email me or call me on my cell at 937-241-4502. Thanks!
Jason Deibel

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