Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Cost of Living Study Update

June 14, 7-9 p.m.

The James A. McKee Association is pleased to announce completion of an update to the Yellow Springs Cost of Living Study originally completed in 2002. That study, based upon 2000 census demographic data and local surveys of typical items related to cost of living may be accessed through our website:, where it can be read and downloaded. Reports of subsequent public forums to learn about and discuss the report may also be seen there.

This update integrates 2010 census demographic and economic data and 2012 local cost of living survey data with the original material in a new report. That report, also assembled and produced by the Center for Urban and Public Affairs at Wright State University, is in the final stages of editing. It will be available at a public presentation meeting to be held in the Great Room of the Senior Center on June 14. We invite the community to come to the meeting from 7 to 9 PM.

Because of the size of the report and the cost of reproduction, we do not plan to have available personal copies of the report. Paper copies will be placed in the library, village offices and similar locations for personal examination and anyone may request an electronic file version on a CD by contacting The James A. McKee Association. The same file may also be downloaded directly from our website above.

As with the first report, this version is designed only to collect, assemble and display basic information about our community and some others, which might be comparable. Other than to display the raw data in graphic form for easier visualization, it is not our intent to either analyze or otherwise interpret the information assembled. We hope that others may do so if they wish.

Depending upon the interest shown and the availability of resources, the Association may organize and sponsor another forum for citizens and to further study and explore interpretations at a separate event, perhaps in the fall.

Inquiries should be addressed to Jerry Sutton at 767-1636.

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