Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Visioning Round 2

You Are Invited
Goals and Values Workshop
Saturday, December 12
10:00am to 12:30pm

Yellow Springs High School Gym

Dreams were shared in the Round 1 Idea
Gathering Workshops. Now Let’s build
the ideas into goals for the future in
Round 2.

We are committed to providing an opportunity for respectful dialog
to build a strong consensus about goals and values for
Yellow Springs & Miami Township.

For more information
visit www.yso.com or call Len Kramer at 767-2324.

The goals developed during this phase are the foundation of the
vision and are the basis for implementation strategies. The goal topics
will provide the structure for more detailed recommendations.

What is the purpose of the workshop?
The purpose of the workshop is to translate the results of the idea
gathering workshops (Round 1) into goals for the future. The intent
is for the public to mold the input from the first round into the
initial policy direction of the vision for the future.

How will the workshop build on what we did
in the first round of public workshops?
Participants will work with ideas and shape a series of goal statements
for 8 to 12 key topics. These goals will provide structure for more
specific recommendations that will be developed later. Participants
will address results of the strong/weak places exercise of Round
1by reacting to draft principle statements (prepared by ACP and
based on community input). To see the results of Round 1, please go
to: http://www.yso.com/

What will be presented at the workshop?
The results from the first round of meetings will be presented,
including: insight on the attendance; quantity and perspective on
ideas and strong/weak places; and next steps in the process.

How will we spend our time at the workshop?
Participants will gather in a large assembly for an opening
presentation that includes: an overview of the night’s agenda; report
in Round 1; testing of initial principle statements via comment cards
(based on strong/weak characteristics). Participants will then join a
small group and consider the input from two of the major topics
from Round 1. They will identify themes within their assigned topics
(from database)

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