Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Day Tripping – Columbus Pt. 2

The newly opened Grange Audubon Center ( is located less than a half mile south of downtown Columbus on the banks of the Scioto River. I grew up in Columbus and can remember this place, literally, as a dump. Over the course of many years the area served as an incineration site, landfill, police impound lot, multiple warehouses, electrical substation, water treatment plant and the list goes on. It finally reached EPA brownfield status in 2002. Makes you want to jump in the car and get over there for a visit.

Today, the location is home to a beautiful, very green, Audubon nature and education center. Lots of work still to be done but its well worth a stop the next time you’re in Columbus to see how a much abused piece of land is being restored to protect native wildlife habitat. Free admission for now.

After visiting the Audubon Center we headed north on High Street to the Short North District – the hub of the Columbus art scene. Lots of places to visit in this area but our two stops on this trip were the North Market and Sherrie’s Art Gallarie.

The North Market ( is an indoor, year round farmer’s market with a few other little shops mixed in just to keep it interesting. And, it’s always a good spot for mid-morning coffee. Our main reason to visit this time was Pastaria Seconda. They have a variety of fresh, hand made ravioli and accompanying sauces that freeze well and make super easy meals when unexpected company shows up – even I can prepare a meal with these ingredients – heat and serve. Allow at least 30 minutes to walk around and enjoy the sights and smells of the market. I don’t think you can visit this place without buying something.

While we’re talking about farmer’s markets, if you haven’t already heard the good news, the YS Methodist Church, starting in January, is going to host a winter farmer’s market with some of the same vendors you see in the summer. More information as details come available.

Next stop, Sherrie’s Gallerie ( A medium sized gallery on High Street with a constantly changing line up of artists that keeps us coming back. We’ve known Sherrie for a number of years and she a big fan of Yellow Springs. Two of our local artists (Alice Robrish and Michael Jones) currently have work in the gallery. Renee is the Assistant Director for the Gallerie and on the side, she’s skates in the Ohio Women’s Flat Track Roller Derby League – remember the movie “Whip It”. Be nice to Renee – she’s cool.

Parking is always a problem in the Short North District – there is a free lot behind Sherrie’s that most visitors won’t find – now you know.

From Sherrie’s or the North Market, it’s just a couple of blocks to I-670 and then its 50 minutes back to Yellow Springs. Our round trip was 4 hours – nice way to take a break from the daily routine – enjoy.

A. Reader

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S. Miller said...

One of our favorite places in Short North is Norka Futon...gotten some great futons from that store.
S. Miller

Anonymous said...

Any chance you might have an address for the North Market. For those of us who are so reliant on our GPS. Thanks

Anonymous said...

The N Market is at 59 Spruce St - just south of I-670 and just west of High St. This is their web site directions page. Enjoy....