Friday, October 5, 2012

Free at the Little Art - Oct. 6

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Les Groby said...

Thirty or forty years from now, people are going to laugh at these ugly bunker-like houses, saying, "did people in those days actually believe that technological progress had stopped and we were going to run out of energy?"

Virgil Hervey said...

@Les: I agree that they are ugly - not sure if it has to be that way. But aren't they just another element of that technological progress of which you speak? The owners of these places, even in 30-40 years, might look at their energy bills and just laugh right back.

Les Groby said...

@Virgil—Building ugly, thick-walled bunkers with tiny windows to save energy is hardly a new idea: . In a few decades, the owners of these caves might still be happy with them—there are always abstemious people who will do anything to pinch a penny. They will have trouble seeing, through their tiny tunnel-like windows, their laughing neighbors who choose to spend a few more bucks on heating and cooling their homes so they don't have to live in dark, airless tombs. I'm confident that advancement in energy technology will make cave-dwelling unnecessary.