Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Drone protest, Oct. 20

When:  Saturday, October 20, 2012 at noon.
Where: In Yellow Springs at the intersection of Rt. 68 (Xenia Ave.) and Limestone.

Sponsors:  Daytonians Against War Now!! (DAWN) and the Yellow Springs Peace Vigil Group  
This is the time and place of the regular weekly peace protests by the Peace Vigil Group in Yellow Springs, but this particular vigil will also feature the appearance of a large mock drone about 1/5 the size of an actual drone, provided by its owner, Steve Fryburg, who is making his mock drone available to other groups in this general geographic area.  

Come and see this replica of drone if you did not already see one during the Know Drones tour recently in the Dayton-Springfield area organized by Nick Mottern who brought several of them from his home in New York State.  You may not have seen anything  about that tour on local tv, since most local stations did not cover it.  Your participation in this event will help counteract those omissions and increase public awareness of this crucial public issue.   

You may have read in the Dayton Daily News that there is a group of Americans currently on a tour in Pakistan organized by Code Pink that is showing solidarity with the victims of our drone attacks in that nation.  This local vigil is an opportunity to also demonstrate solidarity with those brave people.
We need to bring to the attention of people that the use of these drones by the US in places like Pakistan is more than just the occasional illegal selective killing of an alleged terrorist in violation of national sovereignty, but is the merciless use of a weapon that is one of main causes of resentment toward our nation by people around the world. 

We know that this blatant disregard of human rights is the case based on a report that all males of a certain age group in a strike area are considered to be justified targets and also because, according to eye witness accounts, after a first strike is completed a second strike sometimes takes place, with the first responders to the first attack being an additional group of victims who are obliterated.
See you in Yellow Springs.  Bring others.  Signs are also welcomed.

Jim Lucas, Daytonians Against War Now!!

P. S.  Maybe you know of other groups who want to display the drone.  If so contact Steve at:  steve@missingpeaceart.org

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