Sunday, May 30, 2010

Many hands make bright work

Photo by Corrine Bayraktaroglu

Open letter to all Dayton Street Flower Power Project participants:

It's official, the flower power has run its course. The flowers have blossomed and the last few are being attached to the trellis seat outside Chen’s. We want to THANK you all so much for participating and sharing your crafty talents, beautiful flowers and lovely company. What a delightful journey this has been. If any of you want to meet on Friday mornings to chat, sew or knit, let me know and I will bring along my embroidery :)

A HUGE thank you, also, to Brother Bear and Mindy who have graciously hosted our sew-ins and set up the tables for us.

Thanks also to all the donors who donated thread, felt, buttons, ribbon, etc. We made use of everything we received. Leftover materials will definitely be used in future Jafagirl (Just Another Flippin' Artist) projects.

What started out small and contained quickly blossomed into a community event, which was exactly the desired outcome. The power of the flower touched trees, signposts, utility poles, railings in front of three separate businesses, the train station, and a trellis seat. Everywhere we worked, people honked and yelled out their appreciation and support.

We especially appreciate the village of Yellow Springs for supporting our efforts to beautify the downtown area in a fun, creative, and collaborative way. Not all towns would be so appreciative.

Submitted by Jafagirls Corrine Bayraktaroglu, Nancy Mellon and newest Jafagirl, Susan Gartner


Laura C said...

Thank you, Corrine, Nancy, and Susan! It was fun to be a part of flower power --Long may you all bloom!

Judith HeartSong said...

Corrine is a favorite artist friend of mine and one day I will have to come and see all of her (and others') handiwork in Yellow Springs!!!!