Friday, November 9, 2012

Urgent death penalty plea

This from Sylvia Carter Denny :

VEE, Villagers Ending Executions is a relatively new group in town. We gather and act aiming to ultimately end the death penalty in Ohio. Let me share this unusual case:

" Brett innocent man on Ohio's death row" (google to know him better) is currently attracting our attention. Innocence really is a grabber. "It seems so unfair". And we like to think of ourselves as caring, concerned and strong on fairness, so when someone comes along who doesn't fit the profile, it is even more surprising. A white man, 34, skilled writer, painter, a death row man who cares and shares . He gives proceeds from his paintings to "Big Sisters " program or the University Learning Project in Youngstown, Oh. a school for disadvantaged children. They are considering his painting of a great white shark as their school mascot!

Here's the dilemma. He is scheduled to die on Tues., Nov. 13 unless the Governor suddenly changes his mind. His story is one of bungles all the way, check out his website above. If you believe as I do, that he is innocent, you will want to take action fast. Call Gov. Kasich at 614 466-3555. Ask for a temporary "time out", moratorium on executions until the court approved panel has addressed the inadequacies of our system. Hurry, hardly any time left. Help justice prevail. Thanks, Sylvia Carter Denny

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