Monday, November 5, 2012

Think Progress's Scott Keyes on early voting in OH

Scott Keyes came home to report on the early voting controversy in Ohio. What he found was appalling.

Think Progress: How early voting prevented Ohioans from choosing between their paycheck and their vote

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Les Groby said...

Any of these people could have voted absentee and not spent a second in line. Even under the previous rules, having to work during poll hours on election day was a legitimate reason for voting absentee. My preference would be to get rid of early voting and keep the polls open 24 hours on election day—the SAME 24 hours coast to coast—and spend the money to provide enough voting machines and poll workers to keep the wait times reasonable. If we're going to have early voting, the hours must be uniform throughout the state, so that county officials don't try to influence the results by manipulating the availability of early voting. That's how we ended up with the unseemly game-playing between Husted and the Democrats this year.