Friday, November 23, 2012

Community Solutions has new documentary

The Power of Community was our first film
Passive House: A Building Revolution is Next!
Please Join Us In Getting Out Our New Film!

Dear Friends,

This film, the second in the series, tells how to cut CO2 from buildings by 80 to 90%!

Today 48% of all US energy used and CO2 generated is from our buildings, 85% of that is in heating and cooling them. Our new film on the Passive House addresses this issue.

I am reaching out to you again, most of whom have copies of our first film, The Power of Community. If you found it inspiring and valuable, please help fund our new film. I am working on final professional editing, sound, color, and graphics - all cost money.

There are two ways to help. First, send a donation through our Kickstarter campaign at or through our website at and note it is for the new film. Either place you can donate at whatever level you can - every dollar makes a difference. Second, and this is Very Important, even if you can't help financially, share what we are doing with others and encourage them to join us on Kickstarter and in getting Passive House: A Building Revolution out!

It is a film that is very timely.

Thank you very much!


PS. Powell Smith wrote up a great support page for our Kickstarter Campaign:

Passive House is a method of building and retrofitting that reduces heating and cooling energy use.

This film is nearing completion and we need your help Now!
We have 20 days to finish our funding on Kickstarter!

Phone: 937-767-2161

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