Thursday, June 23, 2011

WYSO 10% Campaign

Tell us how WYSO has changed your life and we might put you on the air.
Did you know only 6% of WYSO listeners are members?
With your help, we can make it 10%.

Maybe you've heard some of the 10% Campaign spots on the air.
This is your chance to tell us how becoming a member of WYSO has changed you life.

Here's an example:

"My name is Rob Baker, and I've been listening to WYSO since the end of the Pleistocene epoch when the glaciers retreated. One morning I stumbled out of my cave and discovered a crystal radio in the rocky moraine. Holding it against my ear, I heard Peter Sagal squawking the news quiz on "Wait-Wait, Don't Tell Me." I've been walking upright ever since."

Click here to send us your 10% Campaign spot.

Make sure you can read it aloud in 17 seconds or less. You can time yourself with a stopwatch or a clock that has a seconds hand. And don't forget to include your name!

If you knock our socks off we'll ask you to come down to the WYSO studios to record your spot and we'll put you on the air.

With your help, we can get to 10%.

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