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Cattle Call

Auditions for “The Merry Wives of Windsor” by William Shakespeare

Shakespeare in South Park's Shakespeare-in-the-Park

Auditions for
The Merry Wives of Windsor
(Performance Dates: September 16, 17 and 18)
A comedy by William Shakespeare
directed by Susan Robert

Auditions: Sunday, July 10th & Monday, July 11th

7 to 9 PM
Hope Lutheran Church
500 Hickory St
(Off Wayne Avenue)
Dayton, Ohio

Please bring a list of all possible conflicts keeping evening rehearsal times of 7- 9 to 10, M-TH in mind.
Experience not necessary, but please be prepared to list past theatre experience--onstage as well as backstage. Resume welcome.
You will be asked to read scenes from the script.
Monologues are not necessary, but you may provide an audition piece, preferably from a Shakespearean comedy, if you wish.
We are looking for the following characters:

Shallow- (35 and up) A judge and relative of Slender, urging him to marry Anne Page
*Sir Hugh Evans- (late 30s and up)A member of the clergy of Welsh descent
Slender- (20-30) Cousin to Shallow-- a somewhat interested suitor to Anne-- favored by her father
Simple-(flexible age) servant to Slender

Mistress Page- (30/40) One of the “Merry Wives.” Married to Page.
Page-(30/40) Husband to Mistress Page
Mistress Anne- (late teens) Their young daughter

Mistress Ford- (30/40) Other half of the “Merry Wives.” Married to Ford
Ford-(30/40) Married to Mistress Ford- jealous type. Later disguised as Brooke.
John and Robert- (flexible ages)- Ford’s servants

*Dr Caius-(30-up) A French doctor and suitor to Anne- favored by her mother
Mistress Quickly-(flexible age) servant to Dr Caius and everybody’s go-between
John Rugby- (flexible age)Dr. Caius’ servant

Fenton- (late teens, early 20s) young suitor to Anne Page- favored by her

*these roles have dialects that are written into the text of the script

At the Garter Inn
Sir John Falstaff- (40-up) Lodging at the Garter Inn. The hearty, fat knight of questionable repute who gets what he deserves.
Pistol, Nym and Bardolph- (flexible ages)- followers of Falstaff
Host- (flexible)- Runs the Garter Inn
Robin- (8-12)- servant boy to Falstaff
Some roles (TBD) may be played as male or female

ALL ages are based on LOOK and not necessarily the actual amount of time you have occupied a position on this earth. Make-up and costumes are many times the great equalizer on stage.

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