Monday, June 13, 2011

Insurrectionist Punk Puppet Show

Tonight at 7:00

The RPM Puppet Conspiracy will be performing an all-ages puppet show in Yellow Springs on Monday, June 13th at 7pm at the Yellow Springs Senior Center, 227 Xenia Ave. This rabble-rousing puppet troupe will present: “The Standard Model: Fallacious Physics and Scientific Half-Truths, Alliances and Betrayals.” Don’t miss this moving exploration of friendship, intergalactic warfare, and the incredible longevity of packaged baked goods, coming to your town for one night only. Free admission. Donations accepted.

Also on tour, the RPM “All and Sundry Traveling Cheap Art Industrial Complex & Gimcrack Gallery” - handmade prints, posters, doodads, baubles, frippery, gewgaws, trinkets, bric-a-brac and more. All available for peanuts and dollars!

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